primark bronze kimono
topshop rose gold cross

Popped my latest video onto the end of this post as well. I've been so busy I've hardly filmed (or blogged) this week which is a bit of a bummer! This week really has flown by and I still haven't bought all my christmas presents or thought about going back home to my parents for the holidays. I have a pile of washing that needs to be done as well as a house that's in dire need of a deep clean. I just don't understand how time seems to go so much faster in the winter! I should really go to Westfields or Oxford Circus tonight or tomorrow to pick tip the last of my Christmas presents but my energy levels are plummeting as I type this blog post out.

Anyway the outfit. This is actually what I wore yesterday as I didn't have time to edit and upload it last night before I went and met one of my oldest friends. My outfits at the moment tend to be really glitzy for some reason! The kimono was featured in a Primark Haul video I did a while ago and I said I couldn't work out if I wanted to keep the Bronze or the White. Clearly in the end I decided on the bronze as I thought it was more of a statement. I really love it as I think it's the perfect colour, especially when it's with a all black outfit and accented with more rose gold.