forever 21 gilet (old)
office flatforms (old)
claires accessories bracelets*
topshop rose gold cross necklace

I haven't worn this gilet in so long, however I had a happy surprised when I found a £10 note buried away in one of the pockets. I swiftly hot footed down to Nandos for a Chicken Pitta and creamy mash. A bit of a waste but I was hungry so I just went to the nearest food place. Note to self never move near Nandos or Starbucks again! Sorry to be so short but Im off, well I'll already be there by the time this post goes up to Oxford Street to get the last of my Christmas presents. Im so cold and despite making a vow to be more positive all I can do is complain right now. I know its my own fault for leaving it so late dammit! Hope you all are doing a little better at your last minute Christmas stuff than I am!