kleenex eye makeup removal wipes review swatch photo

lazy girls makeup removal

I try not to use makeup wipes, but the convienace is always a temptation and going those extra few steps to my bathroom to wash my makeup off with a cleansing balm seem just too far some nights. The wipes themselves are smaller than your average face wipe and come in packs of 24. I normally use one per eye. I found they didnt irritate my eyes or feel like they were tugging too much. My makeup took a little longer to remove than it would when I use a Micellar water but when you're feeling lazy even putting the Micealler water on a cotton pad seems like extra effort.

I dont reccomend using these on your face, but just on the eye area. But overall they are a good cheap eye makeup remover that does work and is suitable for sensitive eyes. They don't leave any greasy residue on or around the eyes which is a big plus for me. They retail for £2.99 which I think is a pretty fair price for what they are. Perfect for travelling or staying over at a friends house but I wouldn't recommend them for long term use.