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TRESemmé Texture Style Velvet Creme (£5.50), TRESemmé Texture Tousled Wave Spray (£5.50), TRESemmé Texture Divine Definition Spray (£5.50), TRESemmé Texture Backcomb Dust (£5.50)

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to a TRESemmé Texture event which was held at the Heron Tower. We had cocktails at Sushi Samba and then went on to eat ALL THE FOOD at Duck and Waffle. Copious ammount of food was eaten and wine was drunk! It was all a little bit crazy but I've finally got around to trying out the TRESemmé Texture range in full. Inspired by the big hair trend of Texture, TRESemme give you a range of profesional texturising products to help you easily achieve a modern, undressed and dishevelled look. This fits perfectly with what I like to do with my hair so I was really happy and excited to try out the product range.

TRESemmé Texture Style Velvet Creme: I apply this to damp, towel dried hair in a similar way to howI  apply my Bumble and Bumble Texture Creme. I avoid the roots as products like this tend to weigh down my hair and make it look flat. This product is great for adding a bit of "roughness" to a look, it gives a beachy effect to freshly washed hair and makes the hair look more choppy and texturised. This is more suited to mid length, layered hair but for me it adds the texture my freshly washed hair as it normally sits so flat to my head! I think this is a fairly affordable dupe for the B&B Texture Creme, while I do prefer my B&B one this is much more affordable and works just as well. If your on a budget then definitely try this one out!

TRESemmé Texture Tousled Wave Spray: This is perfect for longer hair like mine. iIt's basically a salt style spray that doesn't weigh the hair down or made it feel crispy and dry. My biggest gripe with some sprays is that they make my hair feel so dry and hard to work with. However this product doesn't dry my hair in the slightest just builds texture and volume. I like to spray this directly on to dry hair and then blast it with a hair dryer to add some volume, I'd do this a few times depending on how much volume I want. I don't think it adds "tousled waves' to my hair, I don't think any salt spray would do! Mainly because it's so straight in the first place but it does add to that beachy, bedhead look I like. I wouldn't expect the world from it but it is a good hair prep product.

TRESemmé Texture Divine Definition Spray: This spray is similar to a dry shampoo, It separates waves and adds body to sleek hair without too much product or crispiness. I use this pretty much daily at the moment, I really like this and would say it's my favourite item from the whole range. Perfect for when I wave my hair and want something to separate my curls without using hair spray. To use I'd finish curling my hair, flip it over and add this to the mid sections of my hair and lightly run my fingers through to separate the curls. It feels a bit talc-y on application but soon disappears into the hair and leaves weightless volume that lasts.

TRESemmé Texture Backcomb Dust: This is the product to get if you're looking for something too add volume and lift at the roots. It adds so much to my hair without leaving much residue or making my hair dry and crispy. I used to love the OSIS Dust it but compared to that this is miles better. All I do is take sections around my crown, apply the dust and then rub it gently into my roots to give it a bit of a boost! I use this on nights out where I know I'll need something a little more than just hair spray to keep my hair from falling. The small size means its perfect to slip into a bag and take out with you!