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topshop faux fur coat (old)
primark flat pumps
Essie mint candy apple and models own blizzard nails
asos hat

Consider the Geek t-shirt bandwagon well and truly jumped upon. I sort of hate but love this latest trend for the slogan "GEEK" t-shirts that everyone and their Mum seems to be wearing. However I just couldn't resist this dweeb version when I saw it online a few days ago. My Flatmate Dal and I always refer to people as dweebs so I just bit my snobby sartorialist tongue and clicked purchase. I hate myself for being such a dirty fashion trend jumper, but at least it's not the geek one! (Note, I don't have a problem with the Geek one, If you have it thats cool! Im just saying how many people seem to have it at the moment. Please don't take it personally!)

I wore my new American Apparel leggings too which I've had a ridiculous ammount of compliments on recently. Literally everyone I've seen when I've worn them has commented on how much they like them! They are black with a sort of ribbed pattern on them, a lot like the American Apparel riding pants but in leggings format! I'm a big fan of all the American Apparel leggings and genuinely do think they are worth the higher price tag!

Apologies for the generally boring outfit though I've just been working all day on some freelance projects so hoping that I can get this important one done and dusted so I can go see some fireworks tonight! I almost forgot it was November 5th until I went on Twitter this morning! Im a big fireworks fan so Im definitely wrapping up warm and heading to the closest show! Tomorrow all my new storage from Ikea is arriving (I ordered it over four weeks ago, not happy does not begin to describe how I feel about it taking so long!) So Im having a huuuuge sort out tomorrow and I can't wait to get organised again! I also uploaded my October favourites to my Youtube Channel so please check it out and subscribe if you like! I popped it at the end of the photos in this post so you can check it out if not! I never know if I should pimp my videos on here or not!