river island disco pants (I wear a 10S, although if they made an 11 it would be perfect!)
topshop arty inspired ring
swatch watch

First off, I apoligse for the graininess of these photos, I can't work out why my CS6 doesn't resize things properly! It always makes them look pixelated and fuzzy! After wearing that winter floral dress last week it got me thinking more and more about floral. I'm not really a girly girl and i think when I think of floral it's all pink, over top girly or way to Cath Kitson for my taste. However this tapestry inspired blazer came up on the River Island website yesterday and thought it would be the perfect addition to my autumnal wardrobe. At £35 I think it's an absolute steal, as I can wear it in so many different ways and plus it makes a real statement. I'm contemplating getting the matching skirt  and have a go at the co-ord trend that was big in the summer!

Today I've been working non-stop on freelance stuff. I realise how boring my life actually is at the moment, but I suppose that is all part of growing up. Deadlines to meet, people to chase up and square eyes from sitting at staring at the screen all day. I never thought I'd be one of those people that lived for the weekend but I really am. I'm off to a Halloween party on Saturday and I full expect to spend the rest of the weekend eating in my favourite local cafe, drinking tea and eating wonderful homemade cakes!