Rimmel Gel Eyeliner*,  Boots Botantics All Bright Makeup Remover, Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Mask, Clarisonic Mia, OPI Nothin' Mousie 'bout It
Products that don't work for me...

Generally I like to keep things generally quite positive on this blog rather than focusing on the negatives and products I don't like. I see it as not giving a product coverage rather than a case of "hiding the truth". I just generally think it's better to talk about things I do like rather than ones I don't. Occasionally I will post negative reviews on things I really strongly feel they don't live up to their claims, but on the whole I'll just skip over products I don't like in favour of the ones I do. I see these sorts of videos on Youtube all the time so I thought I'd do some blog post versions! As a bit of a disclaimer Im not saying these products are crap, not worth it and if you like them don't go throwing them away just because I don't like them.

Rimmel Gel Eyeliner (£6.49): It's way too greasy, slick and takes what feels like forever to dry down for my taste. On application was so patchy that I had to dot it on rather than a swipe. I once decided to test it's drying time and waited 10+ minutes and it was still not dry. This has to be the worst and most disappointing eyeliner I've ever tried. I think there are so many better high street gel eyeliners for example the Fashionista Gel Eyeliner works a dream!

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (£3.99): This used to be my favourite eye makeup remover but it was recently rebranded and reformulated. The new version is terrible, it stings my eyes, leaves a greasy film behind and doesn't really remove makeup all that well. There are definitely much better eye makeup removers on the market than this one and I'd really save your money for something better! Im really sad they changed this product as it was one of my most repurchased items!

Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Mask (£40): I don't know why I bought this as I hadn't heard anything about the product before I picked it up and it was ridiculously expensive. It's basically a foaming face mask, which feels quite strange at first but I don't think it did anything for my skin at all. It bubbles for about 30 seconds before sliding off the face. I can't see any difference at all after using it, my skin looks the same and I haven't noticed any long term skin benefits. A complete dud!

Clarisonic Mia (£95-£120): I've posted my initial thoughts on this here and then I did a follow up post here a few months later. I don't hate the Clarisonic I just don't think it's worth it the hefty price tag or even as an "investment". I have quite thin, sensitive skin and found it to harsh using it more than once a week.  In the purging phase I was breaking out left, right and centre and there was no signs of it stopping so I gave up completely. I wouldn't recommend buying one personally, but I know this works for a lot of people and I do wish it worked for me!

OPI  Nothin' Mouse About it (£11.50): I wanted to love this polish, I think its so hard to find glitter polishes that contain different shaped glitter so I really had high hopes for this when it came out. While it's not a horrible polish by any means I just don't think it's that good considering the price point. It's a clear jelly with a pinkish tone, micro glitter and then large pink hearts. The hearts are hard to get out of the bottle and because it's so sheer it needs to be layered with another shade to work. The hearts don't sit flat on the nail either which makes them easy to fall/pick off!