Mariah Carey OPI Collection ss 13 2013 spring summer review swatch photo
Mariah Carey OPI Collection ss 13 2013 spring summer review swatch photo
Mariah Carey OPI Collection ss 13 2013 spring summer stay the night liquid sand review swatch photo
Stay the Night & Anti-Bleak: £11.50*
Shades: A Butterfly Moment, Sprung, Anti-Bleak, Pink yet Lavender. Liquid Sand Polishes: Cant Let Go, The Impossible, Stay the Night, Get Your Number
Mariah for OPI SS13

To be honest I don't really know anything about Mariah Carey, I couldn't even name you one of her songs, But for SS 2013 OPI are collaborating with her for a series of polishes. This collection includes four "Liquid Sand Lacquers". These use a special technology that means they have a textured finish with a matte and reflective sparkle. The finish is sort of a pebbled finish that lightly shimmers. These are to be worn without topcoats or they would loose their finish. In all honesty I think that sounds really weird and I cant say Im a huge fan of the textured nail look and I especially don't like these sand finishes. But I've not heard of anything like this so it could be fairly unique.

I tried an accent nail in Stay the Night. Frankly Im not sold, I think the finish looks gritty and dry and just doesn't look pretty at all. It just looks weird and I can't put my finger on why! It reminds me of granite kitchen work tops or a nail file. It just looks dull and really really bland! What a confusing polish!

I think half the collection is really suiting to spring summer, especial the nudes and the shimmery peach. Like I said I really don't know anything about Mariah or her personal preferences but I really do think the sand finish nail polishes are very strange and to be don't quite fit with what I'd imagine (The Daily Mail seems to tell me she's a big Diva) she'd like! The polish shades are lovely, simple and pretty and work well together. Especially A Butterfly Moment (a creamy light pink with a hint of brown) and Pink yet Lavender (a clear sparkly polish with holographic pink, lilac and silver particles). But how the Liquid Sand ones fit in I really don't know!?