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The scent is built around three main accords: dark, sensual and light.The dark accord was inspired by Belladonna, the deadly nightshade possessed by haunted beauties since the 18th century.From this darkness, the fragrance evolves to a sensual accord of opulence, a fusion of dripping honey, saffron and apricot nectar. And lastly, the light accord whispers magnificence. The rich floral layer of crushed Tiger Orchid and Jasmine Sambac embodies timeless beauty.The accords work together to create a fragrance of floral and fruity elements.
Blood, Sweat and Semen… What?

I have to admit when I first sniffed Lady Gaga's first foray into the world of Celebrity perfumes. It seemed so… Tame? I expected a whole lot more from someone who prides themselves on being different from the crowd. The unique selling point would probably be it's black fluid that goes completely transparent once airborne. The perfume has a "trampoline structure", with no top, middle or bottom notes They refer to it as "push-pull", and it will smell different on different people. I expected it to be edgy, I expected to smell bit expensive hooker and it promised "blood and semen" (not that I'd like to smell like either). It just comes off really soft and floral with notes of saffron, apricot, belladonna, tiger orchid,jasmine, honey and incense. It falls into the fruity/floral or even floriental perfume categories, which was nothing like I imagined. I just feel it really falls flat on my expectations. It's not horrible by any sense of the imagination, its just not special or that unique smelling for something that is built around a fairly new and exciting concept!

Overall I think maybe I just expected something more from her. It comes off a  generic celebrity perfume smelling, albeit not offensive to the nostrils but it's not unique. I do like the scent but like alot of these celebrity perfumes, It's one for the fans rather than perfume lovers! The black fluid is fun, but once it's out the bottle it's really not that special! I do like the packaging and adore how it looks on my dresser though! In all honesty Fame just feels like it lacks in personality and falls flat on what I'd expect from someone like Gaga.