what is whitening Gel?

I have to admit this is probably one of those products I wasn't going to test without seeing someone else post about it first. Ginvera is a brand that is completely unknown to me, apparently it's popular in Asia and I know pretty much nothing apart from that! Marvel Gel is designed to remove dead skin cells from the face. It reaches deep into the cornified layer of skin so it removes blackheads, reduced pore size and regulate the secretion of oil while aiding the absorption of skincare products. So pretty big claims right there! I personally don't trust anything that says it's going to get rid of my blackheads. Mine are pretty bad, I live in one of the most polluted cities as well as being a bit of a makeup junkie who spent years falling asleep with their makeup on! Despite my best efforts they seem to always come back and Im constantly fighting a losing battle with those darn things!

Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel is a strange green liquid gel that is slightly slime like for lack of a better explanation. It is a very gentle exfoliator that doesnt really feel like anything when you apply it onto the face. You rub it into skin gently in small circlular motions (I focus most on my congested areas) and then balls of dead skin sort of form and rub off. It sounds disgusting but it works wonders! It leaves my skin feeling super bright, baby smooth and not irritated in the slightest. I find some grainy exfoliators to be way too harsh on my sensitive skin. After one use my pores and blackheads looked less noticeable, Im not joking or exaggerating here folks! I really did see a noticeable difference after using it. As I said I don't really believe things that say they will get rid of blackheads immediately, but this really genuinely did shock me the difference in my skin after a few applications.

I'd put this product in the same sort of category as Alpha H Liquid Gold. It works the same a chemical exfoliator, removing dead skin cells without the harshess of gritty particles. I think if you have sensitive skin this would be a great product to try out as it doesn't cause any irritation.

One thing I would say it is slightly drying so try not to use it too much. Once or twice a week is enough for me and I always make sure to use a extra moisturiser after I've used it. But overall, it's possibly one of the best exfoliatiors I've ever tried. I found my blackheads to be noticeably reduced and while using it they cleared up considerably. I also found it regulated my oily skin by absorbing some of the excess sebum. Like I said I really wouldn't have tried this if I hadn't read a review on a whim, The product is pricey at £20 for 60ml's but I have really enjoyed using this as it lived up to most of it's claims so I would really recommend it!