too faced brow envy

too faced brow envy eyebrow kit kate middle duchess cambridge
too faced brow envy eyebrow kit kate middle duchess cambridge
too faced brow envy eyebrow kit kate middle duchess cambridge
too faced brow envy eyebrow kit kate middle duchess cambridge
too faced brow envy: escentuals (£26)*

The Kate Middleton Effect

According to there has been a huge rise in brow the sale of products thanks to The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The biggest sales spike apparently came over the Diamond Jubilee celebration weekend. Especially on the days Kate appeared a lot on TV, such as on the Thames river boat procession and the Jubilee concert. As a big fan of eyebrows they offered to send me over the Too Faced Brow Envy kit to test out. I jumped at the chance as I've never tried Too Faced before and brow products are one of my favourite things to try out! You all know how big I am on brows!

The kit itself comes with two shades of powder (one for brunettes and one for blondes), a cream highlighter for under the brow and a setting wax. It also comes with a small angled brush, a spoolie, mini tweezers, a mini brow pencil and eyebrow stencils. Basically everything you might possibly need for perfectly filled in eyebrows. I use the brunette shade and I find it's the perfect shade for my dark brows. I apply this with the little angled brush (which is surprisingly precise!) and then comb through with the spoolie. I then take the same angled brush and run some of the setting wax through it to keep my brows in place. The brow shades are both very pigmented and matte and can easily be mixed to create a variety of tones. Considering the tweezer's size they are actually incredibly sharp and would be good for plucking any strays away. The pencil is also surprisingly good considering its size, It's incredibly creamy and with a light hand you can subtly fill in your brows without being too over done. It has a brown-reddish tone which might not suit blondes but would work well on brunettes.

I honestly think the kit is excellent, especially in terms of value for money. This kit retails for £26, which I think is a really good price point considering you get way more stuff than you do in the Benefit Brow Zings Kit (approx. £22). I think the tweezer's, the shadows and the two brushes included are excellent. The only thing I'd say was a bit naff was the brow stencils, I really don't think they add anything to the kit and I presume no one literally wants to draw their brow shapes on with a piece of plastic. It just seems a little pointless! It's a fool proof palette and would be perfect for those just getting into filling your brows in or those more experienced looking for a complete brow kit!

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