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Alot of products I test out don't always make it into full blown reviews so I thought I'll pop regular quick reviews of things I've been trying recently before either expanding into full reviews in the future or letting slip into the backlog of products I test. Do let me know in comments if you'd like to hear more about products or eventual full reviews!

Quick Reviews

Clarins Lotus Oil (£29)*: New addition to my night time skincare routine. Loctus oil is a is a facial treatment for oily and combination skin. I was a bit worried about using a oil on my already oily skin but I've seen nothing negative so far! The scent is relaxing and soothing, and feels lovely applied to a cleansed face. It's supposed to balance out oil production so I'll keep updated as I test this out some more!

TresSemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (£4.99 each)*: Trying out a new shampoo and conditonting duo as my old one has been completely used up. So far so good, my hair feels frizz free, managable and soft. Although I feel it leaves my hair looking a bit flat. I do tend to use shampoo's for dry hair but I feel this would probably work better on people with thicker hair than fine hair like mine!

OPI Nothin' Mouse about it (£11): We all know I love my glitter polishes so when I heard that OPI were bringing out a Minnie Mouse collection featuring a glitter polish with heart particles in I did a happy dance. I bought it and was actually incredibly disappointed with it. I felt it was just so-so and not quite what I imagined in my head! It applies really badly and is hard to get it looking nice layered over a base coat!

Dior Airflash Foundation (£33)*: Bought this after seeing Fleur do a post on it and I have to say I really love it. I thought spray foundations were a little gimmicky but this incredible. Leaves my base looking flawless looking, matte and I was completely surprised by the coverage. It takes literally a few seconds to apply and you're done! I imagined it would be super messy and hard to get right, but it's a completely fool proof foundation! You do need to keep it away from the hair and make sure you blend down your jawline, other than that I can't fault it yet! I can't wait to do a full review on this but I absolutely can't rave about this enough so far!

Lush Big Shampoo (£11.25): One of my old favourite products from Lush that I recently repurchased. A really lovely volumising and texturising conditioner that leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean and clarified. It's so weird that a salt product can leave my hair feeling soft and bouncy without making it feel coarse and unmanageable. It has a lovely bright and uplifting fragrance with notes of neroli, mandarin, orange flower and vanilla.

Burts Bee's Milk and Honey Body Lotion (£9.99)*: I'm not a big body lotion user, I find it a bit of a faff, but I've been told it's important so I've been begrudingly starting to use it! I think this lotion smells really lovely, really creamy and fresh without being too overpowering. Although I feel it doesn't smell that much of Milk and Honey, possibly a bit coconutty? However it's very hydrating and sinks in nicely! It's also cruelty-free and mostly natural.