I mentioned in my July favourites that my favourite primer of the moment is the Hourglass Veil Mineral. It's one of those products I probably wouldn't have looked twice at if I hadn't seen Kate post about it. The packaging is really small and kinda old fashioned, it just didn't appeal to me so it would have just slipped into obscurity!

I find when I apply it has a sort of oily wet feeling to it but it soon dries down to a natural sort of powdery feeling, satin finish. This primer leaves my skin feeling absolutely baby bottom smooth. My pores look minimised it leaves my foundation in place all day long. When wearing this it doesn't budge or cake or slip off my face foundation really just sits perfectly on top of it. The veil provides the perfect base to make my skin just looks flawless and shine free. Everything just seems to last alot longer on my face when I use this primer! You don't need a whole lot of product when applying, I've had this for months now (admittedly I use it incredibly sparingly) but it's only just reaching the end of it's life!

Benefit The Porefessional has been my favourite primer for ages now, I begrudge paying the £22 odd for it each time. But in comparison this little baby retails at £20. And Im not talking £20 for a full size, the Travel size which is 10ml (the one in the photo is 5ml). The full size retails for £52. I really wish I could say I'd buy this again but the price just really puts me off. It's possibly the best primer I've ever used but I just can't justify that sort of excessive price tag! If your feeling flush and really want to get one of the best primer's ever then go ahead and try this, or just try the travel sized! It is really lovely though and you won't regret it!