origins super spot remover pads

origins super spot remover pads REVIEW PHOTO TESTED
origins super spot remover pads REVIEW PHOTO TESTED
origins super spot remover pads: john lewis / origins (£22)*

Blemish Prevention Pads

I've used the Origins Super Spot Remover Gel for a while now and have been very happy with the results. After a meeting with Origins a few weeks back they told me that they had recently bought out another product from the same family in the form of Super Spot Remover Pads. Basically they are daily exfoliating treatment pads with packed with Salicylic Acid, Clove and Oregano which help unclog pores as well as fight and fade active blemishes. For a product containing mostly Salicylic Acid I find these pads to be very gentle and not drying or stripping in the slightest. I remember when I was a teenager I used to use these horrdenous blemish pads that would dry my skin out like theres no tomorrow! But these seem to just have a overall calming and clarifying effect on the skin rather than just drying the skin.

Like most of the Origins products I've tried I have been very pleased with the results of these Super Spot Remover Pads. They've worked well at calming down my skin, reducing oil and aiding healing time of some of the breakouts I've had recently. I haven't had any trouble with these so far, Although I have to admit the Origins Super Spot Remover Pads are slightly bumpy on one side which I find can be a bit irritating on my sensitive skin so I tend to use these every other day or so. The packaging is also on the large side compared to the Super Spot Remover Gel which I find kind of annoying considering the original is so teeny tiny! Each pack of Super Spot Remover Pads contains 60 pads and retails for £22.  I would recommend these if you're looking for something to prevent blemishes before they come rather than targeting already formed spots as it's more of a preventative than a treatment like the Super Spot Remover Gel.

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