playsuit: zara
shirt: asos
collar detail: asos
shoes: simmi

Sooooo. Im in this week's More Magazine (it has Mila Kunis on the cover!). And I think we can say straight off the bat, it doesn't look like me and would 100% be a photo I would delete if it came up on my outfit photos! ANYWAY, me and my looks paranoia over the way I look aside. Here are the photos from behind the scenes which I shot on the day! I'd literally got back from Turkey the morning before so had no time to think about what I was doing, I just jumped in a cab and headed to East London! It was actually so much fun and I really enjoyed being in a photoshoot situation. As a blogger it's completely out of my comfort zone having someone take photos for you, do your hair and makeup and tell you what to wear (although I did style the look myself!) Going back to my original point I can censor what I do and don't show on my blog! I could do with someone do my hair and makeup  on a daily basis though! Much easier and less effort for me!

The feature is basically about one item and getting five people to style it five ways. I was given the task of styling a Zara printed playsuit. So I went with a shirt and collar chain to make it a bit more "me"! I even worn the highest shoes I've ever worn, seriously the platform was about 4 inches! I literally had to shuffle from the clothing rails to the shoot set up! Overall I'm super happy about the way the look came out and the photos from the shoot! I just think I worry too much about the way I look!

NB: If you buy the magazine I just want to point out what they wrote isn't what I actually said. Magazines tend to take notes on what you say and then re-write it to fit with the story! Something I learnt a long time ago! Gosh I need to stop complaining and worrying! Im in a freaking magazine for gods sake!