top: topshop
jacket: river island
ring: just access 
necklace: forever 21 
shoes: clothing at tesco*
lips: mac please me 
bracelets: turkish market stall & black tied*
nails: models own beths blue*, models own indian ocean*, nails inc nail jewellery in silver*

Apologies for my extended break weekend break! I know I shouldn't say sorry (it's your blog etcetc yadda yadda) but at the same time I do genuinely feel bad when I don't update daily! But anyway, heres a long update about my life if you're interested in what I've been up to! Funeral For a Friend was awesome, and I absolutely adore hanging out with Zoe. So much fun, but we stayed up sooo late. I think it was like 7am when I went to bed, and I didn't get home till 5pm Friday! Then I went for drinks on Friday around Soho/Lecister Square with my flatmate. Then Saturday me and Dal (my housemate) went to Brick Lane and bought some vintage stuff, drank some coffee and ate lots of street food (and a beigal of course!). Saturday night I went to a Puma Party with Zoe and we hung (and drooled over) with Professer Green and even saw Usain Bolt (!!!) hit the decks! Sunday I chilled, chatted on the phone to almost every person I've ever met in my life (phone bill whaaaat?) and then went to see Batman solo. Wasn't as scary as I'd imagined seeing a film on my own, although I was well embarrassed when I jumped out of my seat at one point. I got chatted up by the guy behind in the ticket office which made me accidentally nervous laugh in his face when he asked for my number. Then I then made another boo-boo walking into the men's toilet to be met with the most awkward eye contact I've ever had with a man. Then like possibly everyone in the world I watched the Olympic Closing ceremony! Which I think was just a little bit crazy, very eccentric and very British! And today I've just chilled at home, caught up with stuff and filmed a video for youtube!

Anyywaaaaaay. Onto the outfit! Simple outfit for evening drinks! I decided to keep the River Island PU leather sleeve army jacket over the Topshop one. I just preferred it overall! Although admittedly they are super similar in style and colour! So I can't quite pin point why I picked this one. It was slightly cheaper as well which is always nice!

Tomorrow I've got a little fashion feature in More! Magazine. Im really excited to find out what it looks like! I have some behind the scenes photos to share as well so hopefully it'll be a really cool feature!