lush happy hippy shower gel review
happy hippy shower gel: lush (£3.15)

Grapefruit Shower Gel

I can't remember if I've said before but Im actually not a huge LUSH fan. I'm just not that fussed on scented products so I hate going in the shop as I find it just so overbearing. However I popped in there last week to get my flatmates birthday present and ended up buying a few bits for myself as well. I do have a few LUSH products that I go back to every now and mornings again. Happy Hippy Shower Gel tends to be something I seem to buy if I ever go in there. Im a huge citrus scent fan, especially grapefruit scented stuff as I find it really energising. I think this shower gel smells absolutely incredible; really fresh, invigorating and zesty. I find it really uplifting, especially on those I cant bare to drag my body puff over me! I find it leaves a faint scent on your skin but does not linger for too long unfortunately. Great to use in the shower as it lathers slightly and leaves the body fresh and clean. This comes highly recommended from me and I know my Mum is a big fan too!