alpha h liquid gold review tested
alpha h liquid gold: look fantastic (£31.50)

Cult Chemical Exfoliator

I've been using Alpha H Liquid Gold for around 6 weeks now so I think its about time for me to get a review of this up. When I bought it I didn't really know what it did, It was definitely one of those buy now, think later products. Everything I heard about it seemed to be overly positive so I thought it was a bandwagon I'd just have to jump on.

Liquid Gold is basically a chemical exfoliator, it contains Glycolic Acid which breaks down the dead skin cells and as a result it leaves your skin looking glowing, plumped and fresh. It's hard to explain the overnight difference when using Liquid Gold unless you can see it for yourself and even harder to explain. My skin looks so much healthier and happier the day after I use it. I try and use this twice a week, I saturate a cotton pad and apply it before I go to bed after removing makeup and washing my face. I've noticed a HUGE differnce in some of the scarred areas of my skin and a patch of hyper pigmentation also virtually disappearing. I feel it has dramatically reduced the ammount of spots I get as well as speeding up the healing time of active breakouts. I don't particularly have bad skin like acne or similar skin problems, I just tend to a regular crop of spots that like to make themselves known on my chin when Im lazy with taking my makeup off or eat alot of dairy! But I have noticed since adding Alpha H Liquid Gold to my skincare routine these sorts of breakouts seem to be less frequent and heal much quicker.

The price tag of Alpha H Liquid Gold won't be to everyones taste. I think it's a fair price for 100ml of product when you only use a tiny bit of it and especially once you see the incredible difference this can make to your skin. I've skipped normal exfoliaters in the past as they tend to irritate my skin way too much and leave my skin looking more drab and sore than radiant and glowing. It's hard to explain what Liquid Gold really does to the skin without seeing it for yourself. I can wholeheartedly say that do I think it's a product you have to try before getting the hype. Personally though, I love it and will 100% be continuing to use this! I can totally see why it's a cult product and incredibly hyped up at the moment.