dress: asos
jacket: primark
cardigan: new look
belt: primark
hat: topshop
boots: office (old)
bracelets: turkish market stall, river island*, black tied*

Todays outfit was a quick throw on and go outfit as my internet was annoying me so much (so, so so so so slow!) I spent the afternoon working in Starbucks just so I had some working internet to finish up my projects! I really love this oversized smock dress, but wasn't so sure when I first got it, It just so casual and easy to wear! I paired it with my burgundy hat and the Topshop Coy lipstick as I thought the colours looked really really pretty together! Shock horror I'm wearing different boots from my Alvin's that I've worn for the past few posts! Infact I got this pair of victorian style lace up's with a voucher I got when I won the Look Show blogging competition years and years ago! I hear there is going to be another Look Show this year, So I really hope I can go again!

I thought I'd include the snap of my broken iPhone screen as I haven't shown you all yet. I dropped it when I was walking down the street one day chatting to Emma. I had that awful moment when your stomach just drops as I turned it over and it was all smashed! I really need to go get it replaced but I keep putting it off! My background is this picture of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan after they both got  titles after TLC (: Indy Schmucks indeed!