top: topshop
dress: topshop
necklace: river island*
fur: new look
hat: H&M
rings: jwlry, love hearts and crosses* & topshop
bracelets: black tied* and kukee
shoes: clothing at tesco

Todays outfit was a mix of these two outfits (here and here). I have to admit I've fallen slightly head over heels for this midi dress even though I was mega skeptical at first! It's just so soft and comfy and I love wearing it! Especially on lazy, can't be bothered to really get dressed up properly days! I think I've worn these Clothing at Tesco flats to death now and it might be time to retire them in favour of a new go to pair of flats! I've just been preparing for my holiday again today so packing, folding and tidying. Then I've been reorganising posts to go up while I'm away. I really enjoy blogging and I do forget how much I love it sometimes. It has just flown out of me today for lack of a better expression!

Also I thought I'd update you guys on a few things going forward with ze blawgz. In my always growing desire to keep this blog going, I've had a few ideas of things I want to start introducing on here so it's possible there will be more than one post per day. Obviously I'll still do my oufit posts, but I want to do a few more different things to go alongside it. I have also decided to give Youtube a go for a while, Dont fret! I'm not leaving either of my blogs behind. Infact more than likely the video content with be minimum on this blog and mainly just my beauty, random stuff on Youtube. I've been in two minds about mixing my two blogs into one "super blog" or basically getting a whole new website design with different categories, but then I felt that was to website-y and formal and less bloggy and wasn't feeling it. So yeah, maybe things will be changing up a bit more over the next few months, who knows though! Im the most indecisive person ever so you never know nothing might come of my grand new plans! Was supposed to roll out a new layout a few months ago but dropped it as I didn't want to lose my usual feel! Anyway speaking of Youtube, there is a New video over on my Youtube Channel!