Two nights ago I popped over to the Diptyque store on Brook Street to check out some of their products and learn a bit more about the brand. I'm not overly familiar with Diptyque, I know Lily and Anna both rave about the brand but I never really took the time to look into it. Founded in 1961 by three friends in Paris on the Boulevard Saint Germain. Diptyque stocks a range of candles, perfumes, soaps, colognes, body products, room fragrances. I actually ended up buying a perfume from them called Oyedo which I shall review in due course but it's a gorgeous very citrusy, fresh and warm. Offically describe as "notes of yuzu, grapefruit, lime, orange, mint, thyme and woods" It was pretty pricey at £50 (well I paid £37 as there was a offer on that night) for 50ml's. But one sniff of Oyedo and I was hooked on the scent and bought it!

Diptyque is sold three London stores, Selfridges, Liberty’s and Space NK and you can also buy online at their website. They are a iconic and very pricey brand with incredible branding. I love the packaging purely from a design point of view, very simple but striking in their own way.  Their scents are spot on, unique and varying from woody scents to warm citrusy scents. I can't wait to go along to the store and check things out when it's not busy from an event. I was really impressed by the selection I saw in store. I do worry this might be a new habit for me to waste my money on a bit more!