Label M. Mini Airliners kit (£12)*: A small kit containing Label M.'s Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, Daily Shine Conditioner, Protein Spray and Sea Salt Spray. The shampoo and conditioner did their job but were nothing special, but they were too small for a two week holiday for my hair so I had to use an additional one as well. I enjoyed using the Protein Spray as it contained UVA/UBA protection and stopped my hair drying out, my brother also used this as his scalp burns quite easily. The Sea Salt Spray was perfect for adding beachiness to the hair in the evenings as its not too heavy or crispy. Overall a really nice little kit for holidays! I've still got loads of the Sea Salt Spray and the Protein Spray left which I shall continue using!

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (£25)*: Another day another hair oil! Does the same sort of job as all the other hair oils on the market if I'm being frank. I've seen alot of people say they prefer Macadamia Oil to Morrocan Oil but I'm not all that sure. I think it's all down to personal preference when it comes to which hair oil people liked the most. Despite this I did enjoy using it and it did leave my hair soft, shiny and sleek.

Dove Leave In Conditioner (£3.39)*: I used this to try and keep my hair conditioned and stop it drying out so much in the sun. I would spray it into my hair throughout the day, when it was either dry or wet. While I think it worked well for smoothing and conditioning I don't think it really had any additional benefits to my hair's overall dryness. It's a nice product but I really don't think it's outstanding but for the price it's worth it as a de-tangler and a smoothing spray.

Primark Hair Doughnut (£1): I bought this on a whim when checking out at Primark but it does exactly what it's supposed to, Just a bog standard hair doughnut. Great for a creating a nice even bun style hair-do when going out in the evening. At £1 you can't go wrong! I prefer doing buns with a doughnut as they seem to look much better and give the bun alot more volume and shape.

Tangle Teaser (£10)*: I used to use a pink one that I bought myself but Mum stole it from me! But I remembered I had one I was gifted a while ago so it was easy to replace. I kept a Tangle Teaser in my pool bag just so I could comb my hair through if I ended up going sea or in the pool. My hair can get super tangly and matted if I don't brush it regularly. It is handy tool for untangling my fine hair, but on thicker hair it doesn't particularly work all that well.

Phyto Sun Veil (£13): I only remmebered I took this on the last few days of my holiday so I haven't tested it out too much. However  I do like it and it is nice at protecting the hair from the sun's damaging effects. Non Greasy, Non Sticky.