tunic: asos
leggings: american apparel via asos*
jacket: river island
bag: zara
belt: primark
necklace: river island*
rings: forever 21
cuff: H&M
shoes: asos*

Today I'm off up to Manchester today to meet the rest of the family before we fly out to Turkey tomorrow morning. We have a super early 5am flight so Mum decided to get a Travelodge so it would be easier for us all to get there! I'm not sure what Im flying in tomorrow as of me scheduling this post. I normally wear leggings a vest and then a jumper because its always so cold on the plane the boiling when you get off! Im sure it will look a little bit like this though, maybe not the same coat!

I am taking my Zara messenger bag as my on flight bag though. Although its slowly falling apart as I've used it so much since I bought it. The bag fits my Macbook Air, Kindle and makeup in perfectly. I get so paranoid about lost luggage (paired with the fact Im hideous without makeup) that I always take my makeup and skin stuff as carry on as it's my most precious thing! I'll be doing a post on ETC when Im away with the stuff Im taking with me. I'm testing some waterproof makeup, SPF and lots of bronzers!

Not quite sure my hand looks so round and claw like in the right hand top photo! Oh well!