dress: topshop via ebay
belt: primark
jacket: primark (off)
scarf: primark

Gosh, I didn't realise the time! It's been one of those days thats totally flown by without even realising it. I got my eyelash extensions done again today which I loooovee and finished up all my loose ends before going away on holiday. Im also somewhere near completely packed, I still need to sort out my hair products  You can see my new hair a bit better in these photos as it's not as curly as I did it in the other photos from when I first showed it off. Still loving it though! Much softer, prettier colour!

I just wore this simple striped red dress and a black belt with tights and my leather jacket. I bought this faux McQueen scarf from Primark to take away with me but thought I'd wear it today as I liked the *cringe alert* rock-y edge *cringe alert* it gave the outfit. It occurred to me recently I haven't been buying much from Primark as its way too hard to shop in ones in London. I didn't realise how lucky I was back home and going to the quiet large Primark in Telford! I now realise what people mean when they sat "I can't believe you got that in Primark, I never find anything"! I was wayyy too spoilt before! However I've picked up a few nice bits recently which Im sure once I return from my hols I'll be showing off!