nail polish storage
nail polish stand: amazon (£9.90) 

Just though I'd show you my new nail polish storage as I'm so ridiculously in love with it! I used to keep my polishes in three Primark train case style bags, However I found myself forgetting about polishes and buying similar ones all the time. I did some searching on ebay for some stands, but they were all working out at £25+ for one stand which is way out of my price range. I picked up some acyrlic stands off Amazon for £9.90 each (+£3.99 shipping) and hoped for the best. They fit my Models Own collection in perfectly and I can have them all in colour order and then by collection. I do have another stand which has other brands that I small collection of ordered by brand and then by colour. I still keep some of my nail polishes in the Primark bags just because I have one or polishes from random brands that don't fit with the rest. Im such a nerd when it comes to things looking nice!

The stands themselves are surprisingly small, lightweight and fit around 30 polishes in each. I highly recommend the seller as they arrived quickly and well packaged. The price is perfect and I love being able to sit down at my vanity and do my nails while admiring my collection of nail polishes!