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Nars Albatross: Selfridges / John Lewis / Nars (£21)

I honestly cannot rave enough about the Nars Albartoss highlighter. Personally I love the super highlighted cheeks look to go along with the 10000000 layers of blush I normally wear. Nars Albatross is the perfect product for this. I've wanted this product for years now, ever since I really got into nblogging and the online makeup community. It's one of those raved about products that everyone seems to have at some point. But surprisingly I never caved in and bought it. Although flash forward a few years and one day on a whim when I was stressing out about something ridiculous I purchased it. Stress = spending money in my books… or just another excuse to buy things I don't really need!

Albatross is a creamy white beige shade packed full of golden shimmer and glitter. The glitter isn't particularly chunky as the powder is very finely milled, but the glitter is noticeable once applied. It gives the cheeks the perfect subtle glow without being too shiny or looking ridiculous. It doesn't highlight any imperfections (such as pores) and it photographs beautifully. I like that doesn't look too pale or ashy on my skin tone, although I think it may look a little strange on paler, pink toned skin. Maybe opt for the pinker version of this called Miss Liberty (see Kate's review here).

I use a MAC 130 or a MAC 188 to apply Nars Albatross on the top of my cheek bones and then with the remainder on the brush I dust down the centre of my face. Alongside my other favourite highlighter the Collection (2000) Shimmer Shades in Way to Glow this has quickly become one of my everyday go-to products. I literally use this everyday. I now wonder why it took me so long to cave in for this beautiful product! I do think its pricey, but Nars products on the whole are generally worth their hefty price tag. My cost per wear literally goes down so much as I wear it so much! I can 100% see myself repurchasing this, and if you've been thinking about getting then GET IT. Hopefully this glowing (get it) review has enabled you too! (I apologise to your bank card in advance!)

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