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Mint Carmex: Boots / Superdrug (£2.69)*

I've been a massive Carmex fan for years now. It has always my go to lip balm come winter when my lips are a chapped mess. The traditional yellow round pot Carmex has to be the most repurchased beauty product. I think the Carmex taste is either love it or hate it. I personally love it, Its just so fresh and I love the tingly feeling you get when you apply it. The tube versions of Carmex have a different consistency to the pot versions. The tubes are a little less stiff and a little more sticky. I recently was sent this Mint Carmex and up until then I'd never actually tried a flavoured one. The Mint Carmex contains 100% natural peppermint oil along side SPF15. I really like the minty flavour as it adds a bit more of a tingle. It feels just as moisturising as the regular Carmex. The only thing I'd say about the tubes compared to the pots is that a little too much product can come out so you need to be careful not to over apply. Although as Im a bit of a germaphobe it's nice having it in a tube rather than having to stick my finger into the pot! You win some you lose some! At the end of the day I think Carmex is a pretty standard beauty product, it isn't a must have or an complete essential but I really like it and its worth trying out if your on the look out for a new lip balm!