AA Nails Neon Green & Neon Pink

american apparel nails aa nails neon pink neon green swatch photo reviewamerican apparel nails aa nails neon pink neon green swatch photo reviewamerican apparel nails aa nails neon pink neon green swatch photo review
AA Nails: Neon Pink & Neon Green: American Apparel (£9)

I love American Apparel polishes (see my reviews on L'esprit and Galaxy) so one day I decided to purchase some of the uber bright polishes from the Neon range. I do really love Neon nails, when I go out especially I always do Neon Pink nails no matter what I wear. It's just a tradition! When American Apparel say neon they really mean neon. Boy are they bright! Especially the Neon Green it is like a rave on your nails. Bare in mind my camera never really picks up pink nail polish properly so I wouldn't take my word on the on nail swatch!

Neon pink has now replaced my old love for the Eyeko Punk Polish. Its opaque in two coats, but needs an additional one to even out everything as the brush sort of drags though the product. It has an average drying time but this could be improved depending on the topcoat you use. The colour is a true neon pink, although it's not as bright as some neon pinks I own I'd still class it in the neon category! Compared to Models own Hedonist, which is a bright neon coral pink, this is very blue toned pink and has a much glossier finish.

Neon Green has to be up there in my top five favourite nail polishes of all time. However despite the amazing bright green it is really hard to work with as a nail paint. Initially I applied it directly onto my nails which after three almost four coats it looked amazing. But because there were so many coats the polish got too thick and was taking AGES to dry so I decided to remove it (with the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover) and apply a nude base coat (I use Stargazer 504) to see if the colour would apply better. This time I used two coats and it dried down well! It's a shame as I am in love with this shade, although green nails sounds pretty scary I think it looks awesome!

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