sweater: primark
skirt: topshop
necklace: urban outfitters
shoes: clothing at tesco*
nails: essie lapis of luxury

I was thinking a week ago that I hadn't bought anything from Primark in a long long time… then two gems come along at once! Last weekend when I was home,  I picked up the Ramones slashed tee and this stripy sweater. I mentioned a few posts ago I didn't really own anything red stripey and now I have two items to add to my wardrobe. I like this jumper as I think it looks quite ~french and I actually bought it mainly to wear on holiday. I know its a bit weird thing to buy for holiday but its quite thin and lightweight and I think Im going to wear it over a bikini during the  hotter times in the day to try and keep some sun off me. Plus I'm not that confident with my middle (its my problem area ): )  so it's nice to have a thing to throw over to cover up!

Today I've just been blogging like mad, hence the super casual comfy outfit. I decided to work my way through my epic stash to try and reorganise it and throw away all my expired makeup. I've drafted so many posts for the upcoming weeks! I actually felt a bit sad parting with makeup and skincare that I've had for a while, even though I know its out of date and I don't use it! I've recently bought some new storage recently which I LOVE, including the Ikea HELMER which is an actual godsend for makeup storage! I actually can't speak highly enough of it. I might do a post on some of my new storage actually as I actually love it that much! I've always been so protective of my stash and never really wanted to or felt the need to show it off, but I think my new storage really has swayed me!

I also did a super informal but fun video on my ETCLLYMLRS youtube channel just answering some questions from a tag I found on Youtube. Im sorry if the volume is super low, its normal on my laptop so I don't really know how Im going to get around fixing it when it isn't an issue for me! We shall see!