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Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser, Talika Lipocils Expert, RMK Makeup Base, China Glaze Nail Polish in Sweet Hook 

I haven't posted about Jolie Box in a while now, I've been getting the boxes each monty but honestly I wasn't exactly enthralled by the contents so I chose not to post about them. Im under no obligation to post about any beauty boxes I get for free, including Glossy Box of which I am an ambassador. I mentioned in a Glossy Box post that I didn't post about a box one month because I didn't like it. I think people took this as me not posting about it because I didn't want to be honest about the contents or my thoughts on it. Its not the case, I've just decided against giving the boxes coverage that I don't think are worth it. I don't think many people care for box reviews anyway! Regardless I prefer to keep things positive and post about things I recommend rather than things I think are so-so. Hence why this month, Im talking about the May Jolie Box.

I opened the box this morning and was immediately happy with its contents. It is easy to judge beauty boxes as you open them, depending on the brand names you get or the ammount of products. But as soon as I saw the contents of this one I knew it was one I'd like! You get a full size China Glaze nail polish, I got the shade "Sweet Hook" which is a mid tone lilac creme. Im very pleased with this as I've wanted to try a China Glaze Polish for so long. You can't get China Glaze very easily in the UK so I'm super excited to try it out! It is going straight on my nails tonight! I also got Talika Lipocils Expert eyelash growth serum which looks promising. I typically use Rapid lash but its always nice to try a new one out. I'd already put my makeup on before I got the box so I couldn't try out the RMK Makeup Base, but Im a big primer fan so I can't wait to try it out. The small size makes it perfect for travelling too. Also there was a Essential Care Organic Those Moisturiser which I tried out on the back of my hand and the product sunk into my skin quickly and didn't leave any residue.

Other miscellaneous thoughts are that I really do love the Jolie Box packaging, Its my favourite of all the beauty boxes. I love the little black drawstring bags the products come in too as they are actually useful and not a waste like the paper inside of the Glossy Box's! I use mine to put my makeup in when I go away. I also really like the Jolie Mag that comes with each box too, The lovely Anna writes it and its actually a pretty good addition to the box!

I think people might be upset there was only four products, But in my eyes four quality products instead of five or six "hand cream or body washes" is much more appealing. I'm very impressed with Jolie Box this month, especially compared to the last three boxes. I did like some of the products from previous boxes but nothing was "wow" enough to make me post about it! Although I will be reviewing a few of the contents individually at some point. Overall I'd recommend this particular box for sure, but I have to say that I think Jolie Box isn't quite up there with Glossy Box quite yet! I think in some ways Im biased as I know what I like and what I'd like to see in beauty boxes, but you know! What are your thoughts on Jolie Box and this months contents?
Jolie Box is a UK Beauty sampling service and costs £10 a month + £2.95 P&P