I decided to remove my lash extensions earlier this week after having them in for almost four weeks. I'd wanted eyelash extensions for ages for various reasons. Mainly because I hate wearing mascara as it irritates my eyes and I wear false lashes most of the time anyway so it felt like it was just natural progression. I got mine done by a local lady with excellent recommendations and it cost me £85. I got a full set of super long thick lashes with a complete set of a lashes one on every lash. Before you all gasp at the price, I chose the fullest set and they will  obviously vary in price depending where you live and where you go (considering I live in London, and went with the ultimate set), The lady who did them for me charges between £55 and £85 for natural mascara to full effect false lash lengths.  I obviously choose a very dramatic lash look to fit in with the look I normally go for. I didn't see the point in getting extensions to just end up wearing false lashes on top of them!

I am so happy with them, I really can't say how pleased I am that I'd finally got them done. When I first saw them they were exactly how I imagined them to be. They were very full long and even when Im not wearing makeup I feel confident and "done" enough to not have to worry about slicking a few coats of mascara on. In my eyes (eh, pun!) they are so worth the money I paid for them and I am very satisfied with them. They gave the fullness and the length that I'd always wanted without having to trowel on mascara or wear false eyelashes.

My lashes shed naturally over the time I had them inserted. They slowly shed and I never felt like they looked patched or odd. I think because they were so dramatic at first they slowly shaded to a more natural fluttery look than the extreme look I initially went for. I actually like both of the lash looks. Once I had the lashes removed (I used a proper eyelash remover) I did notice that my lashes were a bit shorter than normal, but I don't know if this is because I got used to the long lashes or not. I'm going to be using Rapid lash to get my lashes back in their usual shape. I might actually try using Rapid Lash at the same time as

Lash extensions are expensive, and the upkeep is going to be hard if you have to keep paying to get them redone or filled in. But if you have money to burn on making your lashes longer then go for it. I don't regret a single penny as they are exactly what I wanted and Im 100% getting them done again. I'll be getting them done for my family holiday so I won't have to wear waterproof mascara or anything!