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dress: topshop
jacket: primark ('Coz I'm always asked, I've had this for YEARS AND YEARS so I doubt its still on sale!)
necklace: vivienne westwood
fur: H&M
boots: asos (better photos here)
nails: models own hedonist* (review here)

Off for a drink tonight so decided to dress up a little, Might meet the man of my dreams eh? Well I can only hope! Im not sure how I feel about this dress after seeing these photos though, I love it but its very flared at the hips. I have a small waist but a curvy middle so Im not sure if it's just making my hips more prominent! I do like it but Im fretting now about my hasty decision at taking the tag off! Also, as you might have noticed Im going back to the fur stole phase I had a few months ago and chucking it over everything!

Also wearing my Vivienne Westwood necklace that I got off my Mum for Christmas last year (should I star it to disclose it was a gift?) ;) I don't normally wear expensive jewellery but this is one of those things I can make an exception for. It's just gorgeous and I've been wanting on for years, I was one happy bunny when I opened it!