asos amp chelsea boots

Todays post is a pretty gratuitous blog post about my new boots. Then again most of my posts, and most blogs in general are just about gratuitous purchases and showing off what you buy. Lamenting the loss of the boots of dreams, The Topshop Adonis boots I decided to trawl the internet for something similar to fill the whole only a pair of shoes could fill. I kept searching but I couldn't find anything quite right, but when I came across these ones there was something about the shape and the style that really called out to me! I added them to my save for later basket and waited until the inevitable 20%/25% ASOS code. Thankfully one came up the other day and I decided to purchase them. So they were about £40 in the end which I don't thinks too bad. They have this really cool shape to them and have a good sized platform. Even though they make me feel like a giant they are very comfortable and easy to walk in!

Whats with Topshop and ASOS all naming their boots with "A" names?