Caudalié Eau De Beauté Beauty Elixir photo review
Caudalié Eau De Beauté Beauty Elixir: Feel Unique / Space NK (£9.90)

Im such a sucker for blog hype! The Caudalié Eau De Beauté Beauty Elixir has been getting a lot of love recently in the blogasphere so naturally I had to try it out too. The Beauty Elixir is described as a beauty mist, which aims to smooth out features, tighten pores and provide a burst of radiance to the face. My skin is so dull, I have a very olive cast natural skintone which I think often leaves me looking really washed out and a bit lifeless.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir is sort of like a toner and a serum in one. I've been using this in the morning before I apply my moisturiser and serum to wake up the skin for the day. The Eau De Beauté contains peppermint, rose, myrrh as well as extract of grape and orange blossom. When these are combined work a treat at  bringing some much needed radiance to a puffy morning face. I love the mint in it, Mint has to be one of my favourite scents and it really fresh and clean. I find the rosemary a bit odd at times but it still smells very nice over all. Sort of medicinal in a way! I hear it can be used to refresh makeup through out the day but I wouldn't personally use it that way, I tend to use Fix+ as my go to refreshing or setting spray. I might try it out one day though!

Overall the product is really good, I don't know if it really does have any long term skin benefits apart from smells nice and makes my face feel less puffy in the mornings! The bottle has a very luxe feel to it and I feel a bit of a diva spritzing it on in the morning. If you're into instant gratification products then this one might be for you, it really does give a instant boost of freshness to the face and perks up the skin and I think the ingredients might help those who suffer from breakouts. It seems to have quite alot of ingredients with medicinal properties which would help calm them down.