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Im in this months Company Magazine, Pret for Lunch in South Kensington, The Natural History Museum, Kiwi! Dinosaurs, Skulls, My new Pal, The Greatest Snog in the World, Oreo and Chocolate Snog, Dominos on a Sunday, Origins Out of Trouble Mask, Pre-TOWIE McDonalds run, Baggy Ankles ): Myspace ruined my life tee (Myspace generation FTW!) Selfridges Splurging, Which Nars blush do you think I got? Bed and Twitter, BE SRS (Copy-write & Trademark of Kate Johnson) Four Seasons Spa, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Palette (NEED!) Zoe taking snaps, Bronze Goddess Perfume (LOVE!), Lily obscuring the view, In the lift, My Brothers YESYESYES birthday card, River Island hat, Caudalie Eau de Beaute, My back Garden, My Birthday, Posing, Fizzy Lollipop, Fresh wounds, Iced Coffee, The Diner, Fanta!
PS. Im asked every week, but I wrote a how to do instagram posts last week on my other blog, please see that for more info! (: