001. Thanks so much for all your birthday messages! I had such a nice day in the end! Im not a big birthday person so all I did was get pierced, eat food and shop! I've been watching the London Marathon, I spent 3 hours in a trance watching the coverage on the BBC! I'd love to do it one day! The commitment and dedication that goes into running one is incredible, I'd love to do it for my friends charity! Tonight Im having a takeaway (Indian! yummy!), Catching up on The Voice and watching some films!

002. Like I said, I got a new piercing the other day! The ones I got are collar bone micro dermals! Here's a photo of them and an explanation of what they are here. If they don't reject I'll do a post on them! I'm very happy with them and so glad I got them done! Piercings aren't to everyone's taste but I like them, I hate when people say you're "ruining" yourself. Obviously everyone's entitled to an opinion but there is just no need to say something like that. I wouldn't even consider myself "ruined" that I have them! I have two facial piercing scars (unless I point them out, so many people don't even notice the scars)! It doesn't bother me that they are there, I don't regret any of the piercing I've had over the years! At the time I wanted them, and they meant something to me at that point in my life!

003. I've decided its time to change up my blog layout, I've had this one for a while now and it's getting a bit tired. Im one of those people that hates change so Im worried about it! I just want too add some more colour, a few more stylistic elements to the posts (like the block quote boxes I use) and maybe switch up the header! I realised recently that there are so many blogs out there that look so similar, even more so at the moment so I want something really new and different!

004. I need to catch up on my Google Reader, I feel like I haven't sat and read my favourite blogs for ages! I feel quite out of the blogging loop at the moment!