Origins Zero Oil Free Lotion review photo
Origins Zero Oil Free Lotion: Origins/ Debenhams (£22)*

Origins Zero Oil Free Lotion is a moisturiser is the same Saw Palmetto and Mint formula as the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser. The mint gives the moisturiser a nice fresh, clean feeling which leaves the face feeling cool and soothed.The moistuizer feels light on the skin and sinks in very quickly. My skin feels soft and fresh but not over moisturized. With some moisturizers I've tried in the past they tend to just sit on my skin and leave my face feeling slick and oily. I feel like it gives just the right amount of moisture into my face so it doesn't feel clogged or for lack of a better word, over hydrated! I wouldn't say its "zero oil" producing as I do get oily patches around the centre of my face throughout the day. However I do think since I started using the Zero Oil range from Origins that my skin has been considerably less oily than before. I use the Zero Oil moisturiser in the morning before I apply my makeup as well as in the evening after I've taken my makeup off.

The only big negative I'd say with this product is the price, I do think £22 for such a small tube is quite alot of money. However I think I would buy this myself in the future as the whole Origins skincare routine has really been working for me. Im not one to really be bothered by the price of skincare as I do think if you find something that works for you and you're happy with it then its worth shelling out the extra money. Skincare is something I'd personally be happy splurging on!
Skincare Disclaimer: I personally think skincare is incredibly subjective, I'd never run out and buy something on the recommendation of one person. What works for me, might not work for you. I personally don't feel comfortable recommending skincare products, so all reviews are based on my own experiences with the product mentioned. Remember to always look up other reviews and make sure you reference the reviewers skin type. My skin is Oily-Combination, I don't tend to get breakouts but when I do they are on my chin. Also cutting out dairy from my diet has also improved my skin of late.