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Road trip to Cardiff, Getting stuck in epic traffic on the way, Coffee Frappucinno to cure my hangover, Night in Rev's, Mojitos with my Mum, Jamies Italian Bread Selection, Starters, Mini Meatball Carbonara, Blogger purchases, Sleek Blush by Three in Lace, Weird Tube Adverts, Couldnt be bothered to finish my hair, Collection turns 25 party, Posing after cocktails, The photobooth, Diana Vickers, The diner with hot babes, Fat Food Coma, Creme Egg Mcflurry, Sharing a pretzel, Linzi Shoes Creepers, Spring Nail Picks, Enrapture Heated Rollers (review soon!), Fave Hair mask (review here), Chanel Bronze Universal (review here) What I wore today, Primark teeny hats!