001. Lovely summery Sunday, Especially now the clocks have changed and we have a bit more time to enjoy! We went out last night in Clapham, which was amazing and terrible in equal parts (if you've been to Infernos you'd know what I mean!). Surprisingly I've not felt too terrible so I actually got to enjoy my Sunday rather than sitting in the dark! I actually wore my hair up last night when I went out, and I never ever wear it up in public. But I actually quite liked it in the end! Tonight I'm having a chill night in with a Dominos and some films!

002. Currently craving a summer update to my wardrobe. I left most of my summer clothes at home when I moved to London so I've hardly got any weather appropriate clothing at the moment! I know Im doing the typical british thing of as soon as the sun comes out the winter wardrobe has been chucked out in favour of summer dresses and gladiator sandals! After my initial dismissal of colourful clothing this s/s, I've started to warm to colour again. Especially pinks and mint green! I need this dress from Topshop in my life!

003. Finally started reading John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, Its been on my Kindle for ages and I thought I'd start reading it this week! I've given up on the other book I was reading (A Feast of Crows, George R.R. Martin) as it was a bit slow. I'll probably pick it up again once the new series of Game of Thrones starts and I'm a bit more inspired.

004. This week I'm looking forward to some events on Thursday, Especially the Motel one! They always put on a lovely event! Im going home at the weekend to watch Wrestlemania with my brother! Not sure about staying at home for the rest of that week as well so I don't need to go back again for Easter! Other than that my life is same old same old! A lot of people think my life is really interesting but its fairly average I think! I just tend to share the interesting stuff, rather than "hey this is me sitting on the sofa watching Beyonce world tour!"

005. Its still free worldwide shipping on all JLWRY orders!