dress: H&M
jacket: primark
scarf: river island
boots: river island
rings: jwlry
watch: swatch
nails: models own juicy jules and a 99p store glitter polish

O HAI. Sorry for being missing in action over the last few days on my blogs, my long suffering macbook has finally died. Im currently blogging off a terrible slow windows laptop that hardly has enough power to browse let alone run the programs I need to take and edit my photos. So annoying! Oh well, Im getting a new one next week (fingers crossed) with a 0% intrest for 15 months credit card so I can spred the cost and not get fleeced on intrest like most credit cards. Smart. I really didnt want to go and buy a new one as I really cant afford it, I had saved up to get a new one (my macbook is about 3 years old now!) but had to drop that money on a new phone after I lost mine a few days after I moved to London. I could continue with this beaten up backup laptop, but its just not that good at all ): I hope the photos look ok though, everything looks completely different on this laptop to my macbook!

Anyway, you came here for the outfit not my blabbing! Im going out for dinner tonight with my flatmate so I just opted for comfy/cosy/easy/cba/standardollymursoutfitpost look. So I decided just to keep it simple today with a H&M smock dress and my much loved super high River Island shoe boots which I never wear, I just tend to look at them! Popped on my tartan scarf and leather jacket too as it was a bit nippy, not as cold as it has been though thankfully! The dress sort of reminds me of something a Nun would wear but I keep telling myself its "60's retro twiggy", not "Hello I escaped a nunnery".

I really miss not blogging, especially when technology fails me, I havent got round to reading any of my favourite blogs or kept up with the highs and lows of blogging! It moves so fast sometimes you just cant keep up with it! I really need to tackle my BlogLovin! Anyway, Blogging will still probably be slow still until I do manage to get a new laptop, but I am trying! I just cannot cope with the slowness!