top: primark
leggings: ebay
necklace: topshop
watch: swatch
shoes: asos*
coat: river island
bracelet: black tied*
nails: 17 woo me

I've always wanted some of the infamous Motel Black and White Jordan jeans, However there is something about jeans just don't sit well with me. I think I just dont like denim, I prefer things that are a little softer to wear than denim. However I saw these leggings on ebay and decided to go ahead and order them! I'm pleased with them, as far as statement leggings go these are about as far as I'd push myself. I absolutely despite the baroque print ones that are ~all the rage~ at the moment! But these are pretty cool. I think with a simple black top they didn't look too much, and I particularly like the way they look with my flatforms! I'm also a big fan of my black tied cross bracelet and my beloved swatch watch at the moment. I go through phases of not wearing a watch and then wearing one, the ticking drives me a little bit mad!

Today has been a bit of a write off as I wasn't able to do half the things I'd planned to do. Mainly because after I'd got ready and did myphotos I settled down and started reading blogs, and then one hour quickly turned into two! I did manage to plough through my emails and reply to the questions I know the answers to! I really need to go into central London to take stuff back as I probably have a few hundred pounds of clothes squirrelled away in my bedroom that I need to take back. I keep looking at my bank balance and telling myself to get myself to the shops to return them!