mac cleanse off oil review swatch photo
MAC Cleanse Off Oil: MAC (£7 30ml or £16 150ml)*

I love makeup, but I really, REALLY hate taking it off. I find it so much effort to get every scrap off before I go to bed, I always seem to have something left no matter what I do. I raved about Shu Uemuras Cleanse Off oil a few months ago, which always took everything off in one step. I recently ran out and the price tag made me want to cry I always ponder over it as I walk past the counter in Selfridges but can never make the commitment for another bottle. I decided to pick up a Mini MAC Cleanse Off oil as I wanted to try a new oil based cleanser and it was the only one I could think of. I think on the whole I prefer oil based cleansers to take my makeup off, I feel like my face is cleaner and fresher without any dryness or tightness. I decided to get the MAC one as I have a Pro card so it was only about £4 so was worth it just to test out.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil is a really easy to use product, perfect for lazy girls like me who hate taking their makeup off before bed. Its really gentle and works well at getting makeup off with very minimal effort. It feels very luxurious on the skin, You apply it to dry skin and use 5-6 pumps (from the mini bottle, I presume the big bottle will have less pumps) then leave for 30 seconds, splash on some water to emulsify the oil and then buff my facewith a cloth. I have used this on my eyes but I don't think it works that well. I get "foggy eyes" which freaks me out a bit, and however it does remove most of my eye makeup (I wear a lot, if you haven't noticed!). I do feel like I still have to go over it with a wipe or cotton pad of Bioderma to get the last bit of my panda eyes off. Regardless it does take off all my face makeup off with very little effort.

Cleanse Off Oil is good, and Id say its worth the the price tag and it does do it's job very well. But I just don't love it, it does what its supposed to do but just doesn't compare to my beloved Shu Umera. Maybe if I tried them the opposite way round I may have liked it more.The Mini (30ml) is £7 and the full size is around £16 (150ml).
Does anyone have any other recommendations for cleansing oils? Or should I cave in and get another bottle of Shu Uemura?