TreSemme Liquid Gold review photo swatchTreSemme Liquid Gold review photo swatchTreSemme Liquid Gold review photo swatch
TreSemme Liquid Gold review photo swatch
TreSemme Liquid Gold: boots/superdrug (£6.99) *

I tried my holy grail of all hair products, Morrocan Oil a few months ago and ever since I've become more and more interested in all things oil related. I champion them as being responsible for completely transforming my hair from a dry unmanageable mess to something I'm semi-happy with it! I went to a Unilever event recently where they showcased their upcoming products and this was one that really stood out to me. A budget friendly hair oil treatment available on the high street.

Tresemme Liquid Gold is a hair oil treatment that aims to restore the hair if it's been damaged. These sorts of products are great for dry, damaged, coloured or bleached hair. I apply it after I've washed my hair and before I dry it, I focus about two to three pumps the product on the ends of the hair and then run the excess throughout the rest. It leaves my hair feeling sleek, super soft and so easy to manage and style. I feel like it adds to excess weight to hair so I can still achieve a lot of volume without my hair being weighed down. The product itself is non greasy, very lightweight and it leaves no residue in the hair. The Liquid Gold is infused with Argan Oil which is full of nourishing Vitamin E which leaves the hair super soft and shiny. I really like the smell of the Tresemme Liquid Gold as well, its smells really sweet and fresh scent to it. Im no good at describing scents but it smells very luxurious and expensive, that sort of hair salon-y smell if you know what I mean!

Im running really low on Morrocan Oil so this will be replacing it for the time being. It works just as well and I feel it does the same thing to my hair. Although when I was drying my hair I felt it took a lot longer to dry when I used the Tresemme Liquid Gold compared to Moroccan Oil which was the only fault I found using the product. The price tag is a lot more purse friendly, at £6.99 for 75ml compared to the £30 odd for Morrocan Oil. I say go for this product if you're looking for a budget alternative to Morrocan Oil. I don't think it's the same product or a dupe, and I find Moroccan Oil to be better at multi-use styling. However the Tresemme is a firm second in my hair oil hierarchy. I do think Moroccan Oil is as good as everyone says it is, I know not everyone can afford the high price tag. This is a great alternative and I'd 100% recommend this.
This hasn't been released yet, but should be out soon! The price may be different from what stated here, but I know its around this price!