skirt: primark
jumper: primark
gilet: forever 21
necklace: ebay
bracelet: black tied*
hat: clothing at tesco*
shoes: primark via my mother

About 5 minutes ago I was happily making myself some pizza and casually getting ready to go out for a few drinks and then I realised I hadn't written or edited my blog for today! Cue me running down the hallway squealing and my flatmates being "WHATS WRONG WHATS WRONG"! Im such an idiot sometimes!

Anyway, I had a meeting this morning so had to wear something relatively smart but when I came home I changed into this. Well, sort of I actually wore this dress (from ebay) but it refused to photograph in a way that made it as nice as it looks in real life! So for photo purposes I changed into that leather skirt that everyone and their mother has/wanted! I don't often wear flats, but those shoes I wore to the Company blog awards were very unforgiving on my feet so its hard to walk! Pain is Fashion and all that!  Long time readers might remember the necklace. I rediscovered when I moved out! I used to wear it all the time before it got lost in a corner of my room and I suddenly remembered it and pulled it out my jewellery box this morning! I think it will be making its return in a lot of outfits in the future!

Im going out for a few drinks tonight and then tomorrow I think I'm going to explore London with my flatmate. It always surprises me how many Londoners don't actually go to all the amazing places in London. Although Im a recent Londoner I still haven't done anything cultural since moving here so it will be nice to properly explore the city a little bit. I've hardly visited any of the landmarks in London as I'd actually never been to London until I went to college (so 17)!