nailene full over nails in petite square: superdrug/boots/asda (approx £8) *

I love Nailene nails, I've banged on about them many times before but I thought I'd "review" them just for record. Im going to be writing a definitive "how I do my nails" post in the next week, So I thought I best type up some reviews to go along side! I wear fake nails pretty much every day, any post you see me showing my nails, those nails are fakies. My nails are in terrible condition and I can shamefully say I dont really care that much! Smack me on the wrists if you like! I really dislike my natural nails shape too, my nail beds are really ugly and I just overall hate my natural nails!

For everyday use I wear the Nailene 200 full cover nails in petite square. I wear petite nails, because as the name suggests I have small nails. I find the regular sized Nailene 200 nails ones too be far too big and I end up using too many of the smaller ones. I like how the petite nails are also really short, which makes them perfect for daily wear. I think the nails are a nice natural and easy to manage length. They are comfortable, easy to type in and I dont end up having to dig and rubbish from under my nails constantly! The nails themselves are easy to apply and bend easily to fit the nail underneath, because theres a good size range of nails its simple and quick to fit them.

I HIGHLY recommend these nails if your looking for a really easy way of making your nails look nice without faff. They take about 5 minutes to apply a full set and last about 3-4 days. You can get the Nailene 200 nails in various other styles too including longer nails and larger nail sizes!
I have recently been sent alot of Nailene products, not beacause they want me to feature them its because I've raved so much in the past about the brand. I've bought from them for years. Them giving me items doesnt affect my feelings on the brand, I will continue to buy these nails long after the ones gifted are used up!