backcombing brush llymlrs hairbackcombing brush llymlrs hair
teasing brush: ebay  (alternative seller!)(£1.45) 

I bought this back combing brush off ebay a few weeks ago after I'd misplaced my usual rat tailed comb. It was only a couple of quid so I didn't think too much of it if they didnt work. Its literally the best thing ever. I was surprised it took me so long to cave in and buy one! The comb provides a nice compact tease at the root of the hair which means you dont need to back comb too much (which can damage the hair). Personally I don't particularly find it *too* damaging (considering your backcombing!), I feel that I don't need to put too much effort into the tease, as I would with a regular comb. This is probably because of the rougher bristles, which seem to "mess up" the hair a bit more.  I like the tail end as well to section off the sections of my hair that need to be teased (usually the crown and then the side parts). Its fairly easy to brush out as well which is a godsend. I spent half my teenage years trying to comb out dodgy emo hair!

Id really recommend this back combing brush if you wanted to get volume with very little effort. For the price you cant really go wrong! I know not everyone agree's with back combing, but I find its the only thing that really gives my long hair volume that actually lasts.
In the next few weeks I'll be doing a post on how I do all my hair styles, so I'll be reviewing alot of the things I actually use up until then for reference in the posts!
PS. I cant believe the item sold out! It was 2 sales when I posted the link on Sunday! I have added an alternative seller selling the same brush for 10p more! Hope people like the brush as much as I do after enabling all these people to buy one!