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feel unique beauty boxfeel unique beauty boxfeel unique beauty boxfeel unique beauty boxfeel unique beauty boxfeel unique beauty box
Emma Hardie Amazing Face, Schwarzkopf OSIS+Dust It, Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luze, Goldwell Dual Senses treatment,
Bella Pierre Shimmer Powder in Storm & Bvlgari Jasmine Noir Perfume Sample 
via Feel Unique Beauty Box

What can I say, The Feel Unique Beauty Box is possibly my favourite beauty box out there. Another top box this month! I've wanted to try the OSIS+ Dust It for so long now and it was definitely one of those products that for some reason something was niggling at me putting me off! I love having a more matte texture to my hair (I normally use dry shampoo) because my hair is so fine, it gets too limp when its just been washed! I love Xen-Tan, But never tried the Deep Bronze version though so Im scared! I like being orange though so its always a plus!

Im interested in the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing balm, I've never tried one before, so thats interesting! It says on the label it can be used to take off makeup too which is a plus in my lazy lazy books. It comes with a little cloth too which I think is great! There a little eyeshadow pigment/dust from Bella Pierre,which looks quite nice, not my colour so is going into the Christmas stocking filler pile as I know my Sister would love it! And the 60 second hair treatment will join the rest of the hair treatments I've stockpiled on recently, Anything to sort my mess of a hair do out!

I also like that the Feel Unique Beauty Box is the cheapest of all the beauty boxes (just £9.95!) but tends to have the most consistent variety of products. For less than £10 you get a good selection of products and sizes. Great thing for me is that I'm aware of quite a few of the brands in this box, which makes me more comfortable trying new products, especially skincare ones. They also don't palm you off with perfume samples as one of the items. Id highly recommend this box, I just think you can expect more known brands, especially brands Feel Unique have on their website already so you sort of know what you may get!


  1. as if you got an osis dust it! i bought mine for £12... ):

  2. This box looks awesome, can't wait till I'm going to get mine, so many great thinks which I can't wait to try out. xx

  3. I really hope my box contains the same stuff as yours - I'm very excited xx

  4. This box looks really good, I really want to get one, just wish I could afford it! Thanks for sharing though :) xxx

  5. Wow, I'm jealous. My GlossyBox this month was no where near as good as your Feel Unique! I may have to consider a swap...

    Amy x

    My giveaway: http://the-cameras-lying.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-first-ever-giveaway.html

  6. I loveeeee the Xen Tan Deep Bronze Luxe, it's definitely my favourite of the range! :)

    Gem x

  7. Many people singing the praises of the Feel Unique box - and I can see why! This months looks really good. When I'm a bit richer I might have to give it a try..

  8. I really like the look of this box! They seem to have been consistently good so far. I think I'll be signing up when I get back from holidays!

  9. SO awesome ! Great products that I wish I could try ! x

  10. Think this has just sold the feel unique box for me! This one looks amazing, just wish I hadn't spent so long umming and ahing over this one! Xx

  11. I think the feel unique boxes are they best out there. I find glossybox a bit hit and miss and don't personally like boudior prive. I definitely need to subscribe to feel unique! Xx

  12. this definitely seems like the best out of the sample boxes so i think when i finally decide to get back to subscribing to one, it will be this! X

  13. Cannot wait for mine to arrive next week! xx

  14. Oh I'm so gutted! After your previous review, a couple of days ago I cancelled my Glossybox subscription and signed upto Feel Unique, but missed the date to receive the Nov box. I've been meaning to buy the Osis Dust-It since my hairdresser styled my hair with it, it's amazing!
    I hope next months is as good.

    Sarah XxX

  15. I've heard lots of good stuff about the OSIS dust-it, you'll have to do a little review of it. It seems Feel Unique is winning battle of the beauty boxes at the moment, very tempted to try next month's out xx

  16. I hope I get this box!!! looks amazing! xx

  17. The OSIS+ Dust It in a beauty box is really good! My friend bought one for a verrrry high price at her salon, and it was definitely worth more than one month of this beauty box. It is a very good product when it comes to volumizing your hair. I wish this box was available in Canada.


  18. I think i trust the feelunique box more, because they have a store. I loved my box this month, ive been wanting to try the hair dust for ages!


  19. apparently Bella Pierre shimmers are in different shades, I got 'Exite' which is a sheer pearly white with a bit of lilac, what shade have you received?
    here's my box: http://disheveledideas.blogspot.com/2011/11/feeluniquecom-beauty-box-november-2011.html

  20. All these products look amazing!

    I have OSIS+ Dust It and it's really good. You only need to apply it once and then when your hair starts to fall just ruffle it up a bit and you get the volume back, which means it lasts quite a while.

    Jaime xx
    The Makeup Muffins

  21. I received my feelunique box this morning, again it's my favourite. It seems that everyone gets the same things which is a plus and like you said the products are going to be brands weve more than likely heard of.

    The Emma Hardie balm was a dream this morning and the cloth is of good quality too!

    bambihill.blogspot.com x

  22. I definitely agree with you on this one, out of all the beauty boxes this one definitely looks the best. All of this for £9.95? Got to love Feel Unique - what a bargain!
    Chloe x

  23. Can't believe that Emma Hardie is in there! That's like a £30 product!
    These 'samples' look great.

  24. Yay my feel unique box arrived this morning, its such a good one! I've been trying to choose between this one and glossy box and I have finally decided that feel unique is the best xxx

  25. Dying to try one of these beauty box subscriptions but I just can't afford it at the moment! :( No fair.


  26. Definitely think I'll subscribe to this! I was so disappointed with the last glossybox.



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