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Possibly my all time favourite lipstick! A beautiful matte mid toned pink, which I wear alot on my other blog.  If you ever see me wearing something matte and pink its normally this lipstick. I got my second tube when I did a Back to MAC when I was in London earlier in the week. I think alot of people are funny about Matte lipstick finishes, as they can settle into lines and dry bits on your lips. Personally I think the Matte formulation of lipsticks from MAC tend to be wonderfully pigmented and smooth, I find Please Me to be really full coverage on my pigmented lips too, I think it looks alot different on thelips than it does in the tube, it draws far pinker on me.  But this could be because of the colour of my lips, as they are very pink already! Please Me tends to wear on me for about 5-6 hours, and has a lovely vanilla taste! Highly reccomended!