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Peaches and Cream Baked Blush: Vivo (£4) *

Im not gonna lie, but Vivo really isnt the type of brand I'd normally buy from. One Im a makeup snob, and generally wear high end makeup through choice. Despite knowing there is brands out there that "do the same thing for less" 9 times out of 10 I'll opt for the most expensive one. Vivo Cosmetics is sold exclusively in Tesco, I dont live anywhere near a large store that would sell them so its not something I would look at. Plus I dont go to the supermarket to buy makeup, Although my favourite blusher of all time is from Aldi so I should probably rethink that last sentence!

Peaches and Cream is such a lovely warm peachy pink colour, leading more on the peachy side (on my skintone) with minimal glitter, but still very glowy/shimmery. I've been wearing it everyday for the past week or two if you wanted to go back and look at photos on my blog, I have included two different photos in different lights! Its very similar to MAC Stereo Rose (which is not worth the hype may I add!) in the base colour, but MAC Stereo Rose is applies far darker, pinker and warmer with much more shimmer and glitter. I wouldn't call it a "dupe" but its very similar.

Definitely worth the money for the quality and its worth checking out alot of the Vivo range if you have one in your local Tesco. I have lots of their products to review which I've been sent recently so expect more reviews as they are pretty good for the money!