Korres lip butter in Mango: House of Fraiser (£6) *

At the Glossy Box event I went to a few weeks ago we were asked to pick'n'mix our own Glossy Boxes and I picked out a Korres Lip Butter after vaugely remembering seeing another blogger rave about it. I picked the Mango one even though I had my eye on the Guava at first. It smells absolutely gorgeous (albeit a little synthetic!), super moisturizing and a lovely tinted finish on the lips. I get chapped lips alot so Im always using a lip balm, this really makes me lips feel hydrated! Its a tinted lip butter and on my pigmented lips it does actually come up a corally colour. Not full coverage but its a very lovely shade!

I love the packaging, I just think its really beautiful and nice to look at. Thats the designer in me talking, but I just really love the branding and colour elements! As for the "dip your finger" in pot, I dont like using my fingers to apply makeup (not nice when you have fake nails!) so I've been using a lip brush from MAC to apply. A little bit of extra effort but its still very lovely. I think you can also get them in stick form, which I'll probably buy once I use this up.